McGee Island

A Maine Island Rental

McGee Island, St. George, ME 04563

Imagine being picked up in the small fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine, riding just 3 miles out to sea, arriving on a magnificent 110-acre private island and finding yourself transported back to a simpler time when life had fewer distractions and a slower pace. As you step into the beautiful historic buildings, you find them filled with items and furnishings dating from the 1920s.

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Want to relax? Or are you feeling active?

Grab a kayak or canoe and go for a paddle around the rocky coves and beaches of McGee and neighboring Barter Island. Take a hike or comb the shores in search of small treasures that the ocean deposits on the shores! If you like to swim, plunge into the refreshing salt water and then warm up in the waterside sauna or outdoor shower.

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

Want to relax? Sit back in a rocker from the 1920’s on the huge, wrap-around porch with 180º views of the ocean and neighboring islands. You might see an osprey, a bald eagle, a seal, or other wildlife, with little but your own conversation to break the tranquility. You might decide to play the baby grand piano, nap in the hammock, read a book on the porch swing, or explore the many rooms of the historic buildings.

Enjoy competition? Gather a group together for a friendly game of croquet, volleyball, or badminton. You can up the ante with a little wager – the loser has to wash the dinner dishes! For a slower-paced option, there is a closet full of board games for all ages.

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