McGee Island

A Maine Island Rental

McGee Island, St. George, ME 04563

Imagine being picked up in the small fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine, riding just 3 miles out to sea, arriving on a magnificent 110-acre private island and finding yourself transported back to a simpler time when life had fewer distractions and a slower pace. As you step into the beautiful historic buildings, you find them filled with items and furnishings dating from the 1920s.

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A Maine Private Island Rental

A Private Island Vacation Rental

McGee has a plethora of raspberry and black berry bushes which typically produce fruit late July and early August. There are mussel beds that are accessible at low tide (n.b., check with the caretaker first to make sure a red tide alert has not been declared for the area). There are trails around and through the private island. There is a Puffin rookery on an island about 15 minutes from McGee.

Your rental includes McGee and Barter Islands. McGee Island is the larger of the two private vacation islands and has 3 residential structures: the Main House, the Cook House, and the Little Boat House. Barter is the smaller of the two islands, is undeveloped, and is accessible either by boat or by a natural land bridge that appears at low tide.

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