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Really Special Place

Our week on McGee was delightful made all the better by friendly, easy, communication with the owners previous to, and after, our stay.

The accommodations were welcoming, spic and span clean, thoroughly comfortable, and on the two rainy/fogged in days we felt cozy, and warm. The families connection to the island goes back generations, and while the house is personal to them, you do not feel you have invaded someone else’s space as they have done everything to make you feel at home in their home.

The cookhouse was so well stocked with dishes, utensils, pots, pans, appliances, that you could serve 2 or 20 people with complete ease. There was GREAT clamming at low and median tide, right in front of the house, and we had multiple nights of steamed clams as our hors d’oeuvres.

The island is circumnavigated with walking trails that take you through fields of ferns, stands of Basswood, Paper Birch, Beech, and Mountain Ash full of their fall berries, past areas covered with raspberry bushes and, when we were there, the blackberry canes were heavy with ripening fruit.

The seclusion and privacy of the island has made it a bird sanctuary and our evening entertainment, after a sauna and swim in the tidal pool between McGee and it’s connecting sister island, Barter, was watching the six (SIX!) Osprey that live in the two island nests, and the adolescent and one mature Eagle, fishing. Because of it being late summer, we had the enjoyment of migrating bird voices, a few Plovers, and two evenings where a group of 7-10 southern moving, Black Headed Gulls (yes, not native to Maine but here non-the less) decided to fish in the same area as the Osprey and there was a bit of a kerfuffle over territory. The Pogies and Mackerel were running this year and if you go kayaking around the island you will be accompanied by a few curious and well fed Seals. There were so many fish the Seals did not mind us taking a few Mackerel that we later grilled for our pre-dinner snack.

There are 118 species of Butterflies native to Maine and it seems McGee has them all. We were treated to swarms of Great Spangled and Silver-bordered Fritillary, Compton Tortoiseshells, tons of Cloudy and Duskwing Skippers, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, White and Red Admirals and this years bumper crop of Monarchs hanging around the Jewel Weed, along with other pollinators covering the wild roses that are in front of the house. The owners of the island have mowed areas around the houses but have thoughtfully, and with conservation in mind, left large swatches of brilliant wild flowers and tall grasses, all around the buildings, that were humming with Honey and Orange banded Bumble Bees doing their late summer collecting. Like I said, complete entertainment.

Care of and transportation to the island is provided by the wonderful caretaker, Joe Bonney. On arrival, after a wonderful boat ride, he will give you a clear and friendly tour of the buildings, an explanation about the island, and is a source of info about the area. While he lives on the island, and will be working on projects while you are there, he is completely respectful of your privacy, as they expect guests to be of his. Every day we found fresh piles of fire wood by the outdoor fire pit and by the main house fireplace, everything was in perfect running order, and while you hardly see Joe, if you need him he is immediately available.

We totally can recommend McGee as a place to be with family and friends. Our only instructions would be to put a message on your email you will return at a certain date, bring the book you have been wanting to read, float at least three times a day in the tidal pool, use the outdoor shower, learn to take a nap in the afternoon, prepare to hear what nature really sounds like, there is so little ambient light look up at the sky at night- it is startling, take off your watch, and turn off your phone. The tides will tell you the time and all will be there when you return home.

Our group would like to thank the owners of McGee, Joe Bonney, the incredible cleaning crew, and the beautiful islands of McGee and Barter for allowing us this fabulous week.

Buzz M.

A Very Special Place

The pictures do not show you the full experience you will enjoy on McGee Island. A truly exception location, amazing house with all the comforts you need to relax, and activities from kayaking to trail walking to swimming to sports to relaxing on the deck. Oh and one should not miss the local mussels in the tide pool or the amazing outdoor shower. Truly a special place to get unwind and connect with family and friends.


A great find for a vacation

McGee Island is a secret gem that we were lucky to experience with our family. There is so much to do while getting away from the crowds! From standup paddleboarding, kayaking, croquet, hiking, and, most importantly, relaxing against the backdrop of one of the most gorgeous and private settings we have had the pleasure of experiencing, your time at McGee will pass all too soon, and you will not want your time there to end!


Great Place for a Reunion

22 of us had a family reunion on McGee and it was just exactly as promised. There was lots of room to spread out with small groups doing different things. We hired a personal chef who stayed on the island with us and that was a great thing to do. She did the shopping and prepared all 3 meals, taking a lot of stress off all of us. It is a little awkward sharing bathrooms but it worked out fine. Yes, the house does creak when anyone walks on the floors. The remodeling was done well, especially in the cookhouse. Joe, the caretaker, was a delight to work with and runs a tight ship. (He has to when “herding cats”.). Joe was very accommodating with getting us to and from Port Clyde with all our different flight schedules. I highly recommend the Cape Air flights from Boston to Rockland to avoid a rental car for a week when you don’t need it.

Pat Q.

One of a kind place

Historic house w all kinds of period touches and the subtle beauty of nature make this a unique experience

Greg P.

Best family vacation!

I booked McGee Island for a family getaway, after over a year of not all being together due to the pandemic. We were a group of 21, with ages ranging from 16 to 86. This vacation surpassed my expectations. The islands and accommodations are absolutely wonderful, with so many activities and areas to enjoy spending quality time together. The front porch was a favorite gathering spot, and there are so many rooms where you can spread out and relax. We all enjoyed the remoteness and ability to truly “get away.” I can’t say enough as to how special this place is. The owner is amazing to work with and really wants to make sure you have a wonderful experience. You will not be disappointed if you book this place!

Elyssa R.

Incredible Family Vacation on McGee

Our family vacation/celebration on McGee Island could not have been more fun or relaxing. Everything about the island home – from the incredible Main House to the private “pool” – exceeded our very high expectations. The pictures do not do justice to this magnificent compound. We had 14 people in our party ranging in age from 4 to 78 and everyone had a blast. Our favorite activities included kayaking/paddle boarding, catching our dinners (muscles), flagging down lobstermen for fresh lobbies, hiking and eating raspberries while taking in the views (blueberries were just coming in), family game-nights, and simply relaxing on the massive front porch. If you are looking to a (very) quiet, relaxing yet activity filled getaway for a large group, look no further – McGee is your place.

Pat Q.

Wonderful Experience!

Our week-long stay on McGee Island was outstanding. It was just what our Family needed. The owners/Joe were all great. The island itself is beautiful, just as advertised, and the weather could not have been any better. The buildings themselves are meticulously kept time capsules. Plenty of activities to do for children/teenagers (kayaks, paddle boards, ping pong and a host of other games) with plenty of space for the adults to decompress, read and enjoy the amazing views. Hope to return again soon. Thank you!

Michael C.

McGee Paradise

McGee Island is the quintessential Maine costal experience. The Island is stepping into a time capsule, when life was slower, more interesting and purposeful. For our group, sharing the original family’s history of the property, and the tranquility of a private island was absolutely restoring to the sole. Joe, who caretakers the asset, added immensely to our enjoyment. If you are looking to step back to a time life was simpler and a true sense of history with the historical buildings and original home artifacts, this is the place to experience a true costal Maine experience.

Stephen C., Phippsburg, Maine

A Summer Dream

As other guests have attested, our experience on McGee Island is hard to put into words. It’s a place that’s so special, we’ve found ourselves wondering how we got lucky enough to experience it. Days filled with boating, porch rocking and reading, walks, dinners and fire side singalongs. Foraging for mussels and playing lawn games. Summer camp for adults and kids alike. Much care and attention has been paid by the owner and caretaker to maintain the quintessential Maine charm and familial atmosphere that those of us who wish we had a summer cottage desire. Before we left we booked our return for next summer. Big thanks to the Ericksons and Joe for making it the highlight of our year.

Anna T.